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GENESIS — 2:18 helper

GEN309 The Sages taught: Concerning an orphan boy who has come to marry, the community tries its utmost to provide for all of his needs.  The charities rent a house for him, arrange for him a bed and all his utensils, and thereafter they marry him a wife, as it is stated: “But you shall surely open your hand to him, and shall surely lend him sufficient for his deficiency in that which is deficient for him” Deuteronomy 15:8. With regard to the phrase “sufficient for his deficiency,” this is referring to the house. “Which is deficient”’ this is referring to a bed and table. “For him”’ this is referring to a wife.  And similarly the verse states: “I will make him a helper for him” when God created a wife for Adam.  Ketubot 67b.  SEFARIA.ORG


GENESIS — 21:33 tamarisk

GEN1123 Rab and Samuel differ as to what this was. One said it was an orchard from which to supply fruit for the guests at their meal.   The other said it was an inn for lodging in which were all kinds of fruit Sotah 10a.  And we can speak of planting an inn for we find the expression planting used of tents, as it is said, Daniel 11:45 “And he shall plant the tents of his palace.”   Rashi.   SEFARIA.ORG  


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