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DEUTERONOMY — 7:12 kindness

DEUT351 We must bestow kindness. The Talmud (Yevomos 79a) states that there are three attributes by which the Jewish people are distinguished: they are merciful, they have a sense of shame, and they bestow kindness. The Talmud (Yerushalmi Kidushin 1:1) states that the attribute of bestowing kindness is derived from this verse. This statement appears quite difficult. The versus states that God will bestow kindness, but where do we see that the Jewish people bestow kindness? Rabbi Boruch Epstein explained thus: God deals with a person as that person deals with others (Sotah 9b). Therefore, if the Torah states that God will bestow kindness upon the Jewish people, it is implied that they themselves bestow kindness upon others. (Torah Temimah, this verse).


DEUTERONOMY — 7:15 ill

DEUT354 It was taught: Rebbi says: "And the Lord shall remove from you every ill" -- this is "burning" [i.e., high fever]. R. Eliezer b. Yaakov says This is ambition-- in consistency with his view, viz. (28:48): "And He shall put a yoke of iron upon your neck" -- this is ambition. R. Avon says: This is the evil inclination, whose beginning is sweet, and whose end is bitter [("ill,") "choli," being similar to "chali," ("sweet")] (Yerushalmi Shabbath 14:3)


DEUTERONOMY — 7:15 ward off

DEUT357 This splendid Messianic age can occur, though, only if the impediments to its realization are first removed. Thus many biblical and rabbinic visions of the end time include a war against the forces of evil. (See, for example, Isaiah 2:1-4, 11:1-12, and Micah 4:1-6.) Similarly, significant strides in improving the communal level of health can happen only if sources of pollution are removed or at least ameliorated and if common social practice like smoking and driving while drunk are curtailed. Eliminating obstacles to help must accompany the positive steps we take to ensure it.


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